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Mainstage Center for the Arts Summer Film Program, 2010

About seven short student films were scored in a two-week period.

Bluegrass Chase For a short film about a filmaking student who is late for everything

Baltimore 48 Hour Film Project, 2009: Ka-Boom Sha-Boom. Genre: Cops/Detective

This film was an animated film where Tim Flagler, an unemployed-musician-turned-bombing-terrorist is brought in from his prison cell to help diffuse a bomb.

Audio Clips:

Cops Intro

Cops Closing Credits

The Bomb


Baltimore 48 Hour Film Project, 2008: Respect The Tools and Follow The Rules. Genre: Horror

This film was a hybrid of a 1950's school instructional video outlining shop class and home economics safety procedures, with more of a slant towards what can and does go horribly wrong. The film's music was also a hybrid, using the trite music of a school instructional video interlaced with horror/suspense musical styles reminiscent of a Bernard Herrmann film score.

Baltimore 48 Hour Film Project, 2007: The Painter's Touch. Genre: Superhero.

The genre mixed Film De Femme (films with women heros) and a band of misfit out-of-work superheros with below-par unmarketable superpowers. The film required music to accompany the reminiscing of a luster now tarnished, and a re-vitalized heroic theme when a caper arises that only their unique superpowers can accomplish..

Baltimore 48 Hour Film Project, 2006: Go, Lawrence, Go. Genre: Silent Movie

As a take-off of a Buster Keaton "Boy-meets-girl-loses-girl-reclaims-girl" silent movie, this film required a honky-tonk piano score with musical motifs accompanying the hero, the girl, and the villain.


Sample Audio Clips

(Sample genre compositions with simple MIDI sounds - contact me if you want the full composition with higher-quality sampled sounds)

Incidental Music used for a theatrical production of Charles Dicken's "Great Expectations"
Sample 1 Used when Pip is stealing food from the pantry
  Used on Pip's arrival in London and the start of his journey as a gentlemen
Waltz Incidental dance music. Also used for the schemeing of Miss Havisham
Sample 2 Magwich is on his deathbed, and Pip informs him that he has a daughter


Cultural/Ethnic Music
Celtic 1 Celtic/Irish: Solo Violin
Celtic 2 Celtic/Irish: A strong, pushing Solo Celtic Violin
Chinese Cultural 1 Chinese Cultural: Features traditional instruments. Used in incidental background music.
Chinese Cultural 2 Chinese Cultural: Features traditional instruments. Used for incidental background music

Orchestral Selections
Cello - Solo Cello Solo (Melancholy Mood)
Western From a project requiring a Western-style theme

Miscellaneous 1

Miscellaneous 2

Themes for an upcoming project
Contemporary (20th Century) From a request to write a contemporary style similar to Philip Glass

Concert Performances

2005 (June): Rhapsody in Blue, Tri-County Symphonic Band

2002 (April): Rhapsody in Blue, Garden State Pops Orchestra

1998 (April): Warsaw Concerto, Garden State Pops Orchestra

1998 (November): Gershwin: An Evening of Piano Music, Rowan University. Included the performance of Concerto in F, Rhapsody in Blue, and Variations on themes from "Porgy and Bess"


2006 (August): Winner, Best Musical Score for Go, Lawrence, Go, Baltimore 48 Hour Film Project

1994 (May): Winner, Soloist Competition, Rowan University Symphony Orchestra, in a performance of Schumann's Introduction and Allegro Appassionato, Op. 92,




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